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Gymberim's Story

Gymberim in the Persian language means let's go Gym. The idea came from increasing happiness in your soul and body.
At the  Gymberim we are together, We are helping and supporting each other to build a better life, better mental health and boost your businesses.

We are here to manipulate everything you can imagine into a fantastic life, and of course, in this journey, we should challenge some giant barriers, because we are dealing with the biggest phenomenon in our lives, called LIFE.

Gymberim has three important goals, The first and the most important one is mental health awareness and leading everything based on our slogan " Healthy Mind + Healthy Body = Happy Life " At Gymberim we are trying hard to change everything we can to a big smile.

The second great goal is connecting good people to good people. Gymberim is the hub of human connection and Love. Homo-Sapience is a social creature, and we all need to have our own community and Club, So Gymberim is a club also, and the club needs members and membership. Gymberim has over 28000 members so far.

The third goal is more businesswise, A place where you can promote your business to our members. Gymberim has a great Award called Gymberim Business Award. If a business is helping good people and other businesses, If businesses donate some money to needy people, Welcome to Gymberim.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

T: 416.731.7533

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